SATURDAY. Decompressing on the home front, just slapping together a hodgepodge of inspo and mood-lifters. Dust rose (because I'll never utter the "P" word [rhymes with "think"]) and tans seem to be my weaknesses lately. I've just returned from my month in Spain ✈ Denmark and all I find myself doing productively is rethinking my wardrobe, cutting up old clothes into "new" and otherwise recycling items in general for the closet and the home. I've powertooled a couple tables in the last 5 weeks for various reasons (and so now she thinks she's a pro), so just waiting on that handsome old wood door (that I still have to find) to transform into a dining room table. Next on the agenda: a new apartment with an actual dining room space, please. I also have a couple blank canvases that need some haphazard swipes of paint to add to the walls of said new apartment. Basically, I need to give a couple more f*cks. 

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