Jeans: Idle Minds [diy torn] | Blouse: H&M | Inside Vest: muse muse | Cardigan: unmarked [vintage] | Outer Vest: BCBG

THURSDAY. When I shut off my alarm in the early A.M. and ask Siri in a pre-caffeine garble what the weather is like, and he's all, "35F and sunny," I edit my outfit accordingly. Like mean layers and torso insulation, because sun is deceiving in Winter. Oddly enough, this last week has read these forecasts while feeling pleasant enough to allow for my ideal work-to-play assembly -- silk-ish button-downs with a little oopsiedaisy lace under garm. It also rarely hurts to mix the more elegant textures with your torn denim (torn denim without showcasing longjohns, preferably.)
PS Any talk that Navy and Black can't be friends -- utter bull butter.

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