TUESDAY. Silk greens dancing backways and half ajar. I embrace winter's low af temperatures by way of fussing with all layerable pieces in my closet. I'll do a long piece with a longer piece, hues a few notches apart (like a forest and an olive), figure things that make sense to add and retract as you run from heated apartment to your crowded coffee stop through your 30 minute commute. And yet this day, I craved ice and milk with my caffeine fix. Didn't spill a drop on my blouses...

As for my lower half, my fellow suede-trouser cladded friend across the table posed it best:

|  I just have croissant crumbs embedded in my pants. Forever. And coffee stains.

Refreshing to hear that I'm not alone.
 Inner Blouse: no label | Button-down: H&M | Pant: BCBG 

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