MONDAY. It's been an entire week since October's death, but I'm still finding miscellaneous candy wrappers in odd pockets while my Princess Mononoke costume still hasn't quite inched its way to the hamper... (just to give you a little tmi re: my troublingly messy home, right now). The only thing I had to shell out for was the red face paint... a whole $2.00. Otherwise, finally let some of my costume baubles breathe, as too my ballet leotard, and scraps of leather and mantle fur. My favorite collateral of Halloween bleeding into the real after life - this old fur coat gifted to me years ago is finally going to get its due use. It had the tackiest lining and the most impractical form of warmth for the PNW (Because rain). So I unseamed the innards to be its most raw for last weekend's shenanigans and to now hang ever so comfortably over my living room sofa. Furry stretches of cloth + Tv-facing seating = Dangerous. Bring on the cold season!  

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