SATURDAY. Patriotism, smoked meats, and your best sunshades.

Panda Sunglasses sent me a pair of their Monroes to don this weekend and all the sunny weekends of summer. I love keeping these lightweight, bamboo frames by my apartment door for accompaniment on those let's grab brunch at now-o'clock or do you remember how to toss a Frisbee? last minute moments. The actual "shade" part of these guys are actually effective, which seems like a given thing to say for sunglasses but (trust me) it's not. With the way the light is caught/transformed from glares into prisms, I feel totally capable of not walking into telephone poles, running over self-righteous pedestrians whilst driving, successfully pretending to not see acquaintances walking your opposite, et cetera... Y'know... things you do with your $5 pairs.

And, speaking as a totally visually-impaired human being, I LOVE that they provide corrective lenses for those who can't necessarily prioritize/self-provide for the sake of seeing clearly.
More info, here

A safe Fourth for all.

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