Unearthed this tshirt from the back of my dresser drawers..(That sect of clothing I'd totally outworn in my travels/contemplated chucking). Glad left-brained Jessie thought to keep it- it's the softest, tissue-y, most basic (just barely black-green) no fuss thing.. Wore it with some silk trousers, cuffed, a more obvious green because it just felt like more than a tshirt and jeans type of weekend. Layered up with my trusty lightweight cracked faux leather jacket..floppy lapels, standard. Anddd an old lizard-skinned clutch.. for Godknowswhy..I told myself, no more purses, you don't need more purses. 
$17 and some mothballs later.. 
Last, but not leastest, my new bamboo-framed sunnies from Panda. We're only half way through summer, Gents. I'd recommend getting an actual good pair of sunglasses like these ones. 
Read my review, HERE. *slash/my last post...*

What a hodgepodge going on here. 

P.S. This jacket doubles as a grass covering blanket, so going to grab a bottle of Campari and a copy of the Stranger and watch people catch Pokemon in the park. Ciao for now.

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