SATURDAY. Will miss the (charmingly impractical) cobblestone roads that accompanied much of my Eurotrip explorations. Among many many other things. But I am happy to say that the period of post-backpacking adjustments have so far been not as painful as I expected them to be. Although, I've spent the past week oscillating between "pounding out a bunch of errands" and "lazing around doing nothing productive whatsoever." Call that balance, maybe... but the way I'm going about it, I call it confusion. Not to mention the fact that I'm midway between a 2-week tease period of actually being home in Seattle (and autumn, for that matter) because I'm headed HOME HOME to Guam next week! With a tropical forecast of warmth and rain (bleck you, Typhoon Season...) In the meantime, here's a wool sweater I got in Dublin weirdly paired with a pair of lacy pajama shorts. 
Because I've lost all sense of... sense.

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