Blouse: Ann Klein | Shorts & Hat: Zara | Purse: Claire Vivier | Sandals: Sanuks

TUESDAY. Boxy tees are usually out of my wardrobe's vocabulary, but the texture of this one along with the neutral hue made me stray from my normal drapey preferences. You know I'll be looking for a similar colored pant to make for that simple outfit I'm often after. The feeling of these suede shorts are similarly addictive. Texture play all the way. Did you know Seattle is the top city in the U.S. for sunglasses purchases? Said some researchy thingy I read somewhere on the internet... Reason being -- as indicated by my hat, above -- because we lose them all the time. Every year. Throughout the year. When you rarely use something, it's usually chucked in a miscellaneous drawer, left at a coffee shop, or just straight up runs away.
Regardless, sunny weather is here! 

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