Mascara: Benefit | Liner and balm: VSPro | Foundation: Chanel | Oil spray: Organix

FRIDAY. Fixing to go out this Friday evening has me realizing how glad I am that I live in a city OK with layering makeup as events show themselves. My Monday through Thursday regimen is little more than 1 part moisturizer 1 part BBcream with a tint of pink via chubby stick on the apples and lips and a top-lid layer of liner and mascara. Come weekend and I succumb to the contouring rules of the pros, a dewy foundation base mixed with some illuminator, mascara base with shadowed creases, filled in brows, and carefully layered nude lip. Maybe it's because I just -- finally -- finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha , but aside from enjoying the beautiful prose and story I'm now more deliberate in my primping routine. Also... I wear my kimono robe picked up from a sidewalk shop in Tokyo with the pseudo obi knot tied in the back while getting ready sometimes... and it feels right.


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