SUNDAY. Not sure how to describe the level of ecstasy in discovering this tshirt. Absolutely perfect. A solid tshirt in a neutral shade is one of those things that makes it on pretty much everyone's list of "staples to hunt for." Mostly cupro with a bit of elastine equals goddess material. The cupro is breathable like cotton, feels like a silky second skin, but consumes less materials in the creation process than both. Plus, there's already a naturally good weight to the fabric that lets it drape over the shoulders beautifully, with lazer cut ends for an overall minimal cut. A slight front-corner twist adds uniqueness to a forever classic. I chose the deep indigo that's pretty much black, though I considered the tan one -- equally gorgeous. But if I have to be exclusive I'm going to lean towards harder to stain. I'm now subject to play grown up and not just throw it in the wash with the rest of my laundry... the labors of love. 

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