FRIDAY. I decided that I needed to stop fussing with samples from LUSH and actually commit. The result: reanalyzing my beauty staples and beauty priorities. Still on the hunt for another dewy foundation to blend with my serum for daily usage, but also one that's still buildable for nights out. Foundation or not, a fresh, even skin tone that's moisturized with thick eyelashes and honey-almond scent all over makes for an easy routine.

  Shower gel: e. Booth's Nourishing Bath & Body in Honey Almond | Super nostalgic scent from my ballet days, somehow. Love that its efficient in cleaning, has natural ingredients, and you only need a little on your loofah to lather your whole body. Economical, indeed.

Face scrub and wash: LUSH's Ocean Salt + Neutrogena's Visibly Even | Ok, FIRST I thought Neutrogena had stopped making this wash because for the last few years it was missing from drugstore shelves. Found it in Walmart by my grandma's last week and definitely almost scared a child in the pushcart when I yelped in the aisle. This plus the vodka infused lime scrub makes for such an even tone it's pretty much all I need in my life... I don't really have a ton of skin issues, genetically. Normal T-zone and acne-less. But I do get a little red around the cheeks in a flat, blemishy sort of way. These products exfoliate and brighten perfectly.

Moisturizer: Clinique | My mom uses Clinique products and, by default, I check them out. Such a soft -- almost serum-like -- moisturizer for daily use. I'll still use my serum because it absorbs into the skin better, but in conjunction with this $20some bottle that lasts forever. 2 pumps for face and neck and done.

Mascara: Benefit's They're Real | I thought I'd never buy a non-waterproof formula, but this guy actually stays put throughout a run and is easy to come off at night. I base it with MAC's eyelash primer on the weekends or just double coat it for every day. I am a mascara fanatic, though. If I'm running late for anything, I'll at least throw the wand in my purse.

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