I think I love way too much a basic, grey tee with leather bottoms. (For me, that means a super slim pant/legging type deal or a flatteringly hemmed mini skirt.) I'm not sure if it's because a good tee is timeless, when leather details threaten to be decade-specific, and I like a puree of classic and modern? The drape of this viscose top via Wilfred makes it easy to don the over-sized look without being swallowed whole. Also, sort of mock high-waisting this leather Leith skirt with my favorite leather belt makes this ensemble a little sloppy aka just the way I like my daily wears to be.  

tee: Wilfred | Skirt: Leith | Belt: Eileen Fischer | Beanie: H&M for men | Booties: Lucky Brand | Satchel: Zara

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  1. Awesome outfit and nice pics :D
    <3 You're very great


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