THURSDAY. If you've ever been a friend of mine, you'd know that I like to keep my living space and personals tidy and organized. And I do... except  when it comes to finding a place to put my once worn but still clean clothes. I've tried designated floor piles, somewhere around the foot of bed or over the hamper.. it all just looks straight up ugly. But I don't want to lose the wear-count by rehanging it up with the rest of my fresh-out-the-laundry garb. If I had a big enough closet, I could segregate it by worn and unworn. And, duh, straight up dirty. Hamper duty. SO, seeing as I currently live in an attic with leftover holes in the wall, I've tacked MORE nails in place strategically by my vanity, dresser, and bed to hang such items. Those little hooks that let you waterfall hangers are brilliant for this spacing. Hello, floor space!


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