Forever feckless.

Scarf: Nordstrom | Sweater: Calvin Klein | Sweats: Victoria's Secret | Boots: Vera Wang

SUNDAY.  I'll blame the week lag of posting on the fact that I've officially moved into a lovely new house with a couple friends and the past several days have been made up of working, eating, heavy-lifting, sleeping, repeating. No more nomadic Jessie. Three temporary houses and five countries later, and I can finally unpack these boxes, unroll my black cowhide rug, and breathe. Meanwhile, spending this big game day for Seattleites in my favorite Supermodel Essentials sweatpants, slouchy biker boots, and soft sweater courtesy of Santa. Should be wearing some blue and green... but I work later. Dress-codes don't bend for sports. Otherwise, Sundays are forever feckless.

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