Poison in a plastic cup.

Sweater: FXXI | Jeans: All Saints 

TUESDAY. I broke two promises to myself, just in time before the New year, New you thing got in the way: I bought a large clothing item from Forever (albeit, not a staple; I'll keep trendy looks for low-quality buys) AND I bought a seemingly two-piece item that's actually a one-piece. I really value putting together multiple things to create a personalized look, so I don't much favor dresses that are color-blocked to look like a shirt/skirt combo. Likewise, I don't favor sweaters with attached jewelry. It's largely the reason I bought several gaudy baubles during my travels -- so that I wouldn't have to subject myself to doing what I just did. But the rich forest green of this knit was an ACTUAL COLOR  I felt comfortable in and, seeing as the piece fit so well and I was (am still) in need of a thick silver necklace, I caved in. Also, for once, I'm enjoying the properties of a fitted and not over-sized sweater... ai adai....

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