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FRIDAY. I'm usually not one to blab on makeup/body-care items. Mostly because I'm pretty basic when it comes to those things. So when I do, it's usually because I've found a staple trick or product.

This thick night cream from a Revivacyte sample is the first moisturizer I've tried to use rosehip oil, (along with the prevalent and still-loved shea butter). The oil extracted from the Rosa Affinis rubiginosa wild berry from the Chilean Andes has multiple benefits aside from moisturizing you can read about, here. The active benefit for Revivacyte's night cream, though, basically lies in the fatty acids of the oil that our bodies don't naturally produce that our skin drinks up. Rub this cream in before bed where you need and wake up with parts of your body you didn't think could stay soft. If there is one thing I get lazy about treating, it's roughed up elbows, knees, and calloused soles. This is quite the remedy for that. Not to mention everything else.

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