Masala spices.

Shirt: Boyfriend's, capped sleeved & knotted | Dress underneath: Zaka | Necklace: Market in Guilin

Last week I learned that sometimes, specifically when at a spice market in Delhi, there's a reason the chai masala you requested is relatively more expensive than the other spices. Sometimes -- as in three kiosks in a row -- shop owners ignore the "chai (tea)" part of your sentence and think that you want the actual spice used to add to the black teas with the boiled milk et cetera et cetera ... anyway, leaving you with a 5 year supply of masala and a story to give to Customs. It's a good thing Assams and Masalas are a regular thing at the house.
nothing like taking your morning tea hot, on a fluffy pillowed swing bed, dressed your length in black to make a hot day more hot. Outside our suite at this yoga escape in Goa. Off season meant scarce partying and an excuse to relax for once.


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