Hongdae gallivanting.

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Hat: Daiso | Tank: Calvin Klein | Bag: boutique in Shibuya | Shorts: Volcom | Sandals: boutique in Seoul

THURSDAY. My hiking boots were in need of some measure of recess...and my toes kind of needed to breathe...so I sought out a pair of cheap, mini-wedge sandals. In black, leathery form, of course. Excuse my rugged manicure as I have not been backpacking in luxury. Contemplating the Garra Rufa pedicure route once I head to mainland Asia in a week. Otherwise, enjoying the cooler weather in Seoul, although locals might disagree that this is any degree of cool if they haven't been elsewhere this summer. I'm still satisfied with a uniform of naked legs and spaghetti straps, but for now I just tote around a sweater for when the sun sets, just in case. And kalbi and kimchee on the menu for days.

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