Drapey is where it's at.

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THURSDAY. Half my outfit is a result of good fortune and a shopping-addict local as a dear friend. The pants are borrowed from said friend. Meanwhile, the tank is going to be one of those sad, soon-to-be overworn pieces for the entirety of my trip. And a faraway shot of those glittery flats from the previous post were soo out of my comfort zone.. and yet I fell totally in love with the abnormal design..and price.. The jacket, another super cheap buy, is so sueded to the touch and the pockets sag perfectly. And you shouldn't find the word "sag" used in a positive way very often. Still playing up that tan and grey combo idea that one Aritzia sales girl sold me on. Inspiration is everywhere. Definitely on the streets of Tokyo, xx. If I wasn't so set on not being perceived as a creeper, I'd show you. 


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