¥500 buys and cubicle ramen joints.

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TUESDAY. Morning from Tokyo! Had a pretty healthy couple shopping trips with my Japanese girl friends this weekend. I'd done the Harajuku thing 5 years ago, but it was nice to do it again with a taste better than that of a 17-year-old's. But it was also refreshing to check out the cheaper boutiques of Shimo-Kitazawa on my friend's day off. Here I was thinking only ¥100 stores existed, but there was such a variety of specialty stores with vintage things or local creations. Or random accessories imported in small doses. Either way, had a good quality for cheap (and relatively small) haul of clothes.. Really good draping and fabric, here. And found some eccentric flats so my hiking boots can take a break. Finished the day with some pretty personalized ramen and a cake plus surprisingly deep coffee for dessert.  Uhhh, girl time and closet update abroad was much needed. Now, to write some articles with this free coffee I somehow lucked into.


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