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Tshirt: Wilfred | Skirt: Nollie | Belt: FXXI | Boots: All Saints

FRIDAY. I am so exhausted from doing, really, a whole lot of nothing. Don't try to make sense of that.. I'm just in that transition phase of a freshly-graduated uni student exploring my niches in this city, while mapping out potential futures for myself. I've been completely lazy with sticking to any one routine..which is driving me a little nuts, honestly. The only things I've been making habits of are skipping any conceivable workout time slots.. ignoring a diet of any sort.. forgetting to drink water and "forgetting" to set my alarm for an A.M. setting when I don't have work. And daydreaming. Translating that into cash for travel, would be nice. In the meantime, I'm lounging in comfortable basic clothes and putting no more makeup than my tinted moisturizer. And maybe sometimes mascara. I need an energy boost, statim.


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