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Blazer&belt: Love21 | Furry, hooded vest: Ebay |
Satin tap shorts: Victoria's Secret | Booties: All Saints

MONDAY. Coming out of Hana sushi with friends, we found that the sun came out to play for a couple photos. Fortunately, I had my Canon DSLR in my weekend/school bag/tote thing, next to my issue of Genlux, An Extraordinary Theory of Objects (newest read), meiji corn puff snacks, and Japanese textbook that day. Not to brag that sometimes my bag-insides are more random than Mary Poppins.. I am trying to  see if I can play with my Iphone 5 in a way that will let me take adequate outfit shots on the go.. Y'know. Instead of freaking out that the sun has been coming out at miscellaneous hours, coaxing me to lug around my big-girl camera..
This was clearly a quick-lunch-before-work outfit, seeing as it's 99% black. Fat layering with a measly gold-detailed belt to cinch. Cinch as best as it could. And, yes, my boots are almost always undone...it's easier to slip in and out of in my hectic mornings.


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  1. Great look !
    Love the layering & the black :)
    Amazing vest !

  2. Hi Jessie - love your look and your blog. Your dedication to an almost all black palette is something I admire. So chic.


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