Call it favoritism.

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TUESDAY. Call it favoritism. I know I covered this trend before..in fact, in quite recent history on a Sanity Style Watch bit.. but I was revisiting my Style Saint page, here, and also saw Jenny Ong's fairly recent post and just had to share since it's been running laps in my head like crazy. 

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Monochromatic dressing is what makes me comfortable in wearing color, as I've aforementioned, because..because. It doesn't even have to be colorblocking that scares me, though God knows it does. But I feel clean, muted, simple without being totally boring. Collaging different textures..and even patterns.. in the same hue makes playing with clothes all the more fun, while efficiently expressing your preferences for fabric, cut, etc.
I can't yet tell if this class of dressing isn't boring because it's trending and that the more it becomes normalized or eventually a classic, the more "boring" it will become.. are normalized, boring, classic even synonymous? Like, I'm definitely adding this tactic to my wardrobing routine and I can see it being a staple for ages.. I've seen my mother in camel-colored turtlenecks and tan high-wasted trousers. But we'll see how far it travels, generationally. Mk, enough rambling.


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