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UK brand George fills in on
What’s So Great About Leggings?

Rewind ten years and you’d be hard pushed to find anyone in a pair of leggings who wasn’t
on their way to a dance class. However, the humble stretch legging has become a fashion
hero of modern times, enduring years of fashion changes and still going strong. But what’s so
great about leggings?

Leggings: Guess | Jacket: the boyfriend's

They’re Comfy
Ahhhhh, we all remember the bliss we felt when first slipping out of our tight jeans into a pair
of leggings. From that moment on we were sure we’d found our stretchy new best fashion
friends! Leggings are quite simply one of the most comfortable items of clothing available,
making them perfect for everything from running around in the daytime, to heading out for
romantic five course meals. Fitting, quite literally, like a glove, the soft fabric of leggings
doesn’t chafe, rub or itch. Looking good has never been so comfortable!

They’re Cheap
When you can pick up ASDA George leggings from just £6 you know you’re onto a good
thing. In fact, you could fill a wardrobe full of leggings in different styles and colours and still
have change from £50. At such amazing value for money, you can afford to mix up your leggings selection regularly, trying out different lengths and colours – or even try patterned leggings, after all, what have you got to lose?

They’re Flattering
No matter what your size, there’s a flattering way to wear leggings. Just remember the golden
rule that, unless you’ve got the figure of a supermodel, bottoms are best covered! Longline
smocks, tees and dresses are the perfect match for leggings. If wearing leggings to work out
in, a simple vest and a hoody are all that’s required!

Scarves: Target & Nordstrom
They’re Versatile
Leggings can be dressed up with a pretty dress for evenings out, or dressed down with your
loungewear for comfy lounging around the house. They’re great for the gym, for work with a
smock or shirtdress, or for running around after the kids. There’s no occasion that a pair of
leggings can’t adapt to, making them the hardest working items in your wardrobe.

They’re Evolving
Just when you thought you’d seen it all, they bring out coloured leggings – then wet look
leggings – then patterned leggings! From its humble beginnings the legging has continued
to evolve with the fashions, keeping itself relevant and ready to mix and match with all your
favourite new season outfits. Animal and smudge print leggings are available at George at ASDA for just £8 per pair – or why not try some high shine wet look high waisted leggings (£12) for a super fashion forward style.

If you want to know what’s next for leggings, the equestrian trend is sure to bring back
stirrups in a big way. Find G21 Stirrup Leggings at ASDA online for just £7, putting you ahead
of the fashion pack for less than a tenner!Comfortable, cheap and consistently fabulous, leggings have been the runaway fashion success story of past ten years. Stock up on some new pairs and stride out with confidence, whatever you’re doing, in 2013.


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  1. they look soooo good on you! hello skinny legs!



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