Black, maybe.

 photo f515d692-8690-4b9b-a13e-46d64425afa6_zps0abdf680.jpg
Dress: Leith | Coat: FXXI | Scarves: Target + Nordstrom

TUESDAY. I'm trying to decide if this dress is black or not. Perhaps a better photo is requisite before asking you to judge with me, but my friends called it black..a faded black.. when I was sure it was a green-blue-grey. After calling me an assured color-blind, they got me excited that I could actually wear this piece to work. And after watching a tutorial on how to wear a similar garb as a shirt with skirt, skirt under sweater, and tunic, I nearly wet myself with the possibilities. Best $48 Nordstrom purchase, ever. The fact that it was the last in my size made it all the more meant-to-be .


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