Liquid magic.


MONDAY. Two things I've been doing to update my beauty regimen is turning my khol pencil into a gel liner applicator by burning the tip for a second and incorporating argan oil into pretty much anything involving moisturizing. The first additive is pretty simple, found on a DIY instagram profile #diytime. Light up for a second, wait to cool for a second, and apply. The argan additive is my favorite and something that I will be advocating for eons, even though beauty stuffs isn't really my forte.

I put some oil I nabbed at Bartell's in an old, washed-out Olay pot because I've been going between  my grandmother's and Seattle a bunch.

How argan oil is magic:
~ The duh use is that it adds impeccable shine to hair and seals closed split ends
I've also been using it for my lips after exfoliating and before putting on lip balm. Totally lets the balm absorb more efficiently.
~ I haven't spent a dime on makeup remover since I bought this. I Qtip off my eye-makeup with the oil before washing at night.
~ Cuticles. Hands. Rough spots on feet. I mix with body moisturizer to enhance the benefits. And added bonus, it's awesome for photoshoots where bare legs and arms are present. Illusion of being toned, heckyes.

For everything, a dab works miracles. Happy Monday.

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