A monochromatic thing.

TUESDAY. It's not Christmasing yourself if its free... but I feel like I just did when I chose a very similar dress, again, from Edressy's selection of office wear. Thank you so much, to the people at Edressy for letting me in on the swag. This definitely won't be limited to professional settings, though it can readily be used as business casual with the addition of (surprise!) a fitted blazer. I've a long tailed black silk-blend one and a cropped nude suede one that are both vying for the position of a perfect match up. Regardless, I'm hoping it drapes in a similar manner as Elin Kling's number, here, so I can wear it everywhere. Their model made it look promising; then, again, what are models are for if not to convince you that you can look as put together as the stylist made them look.

Anyway, about to cater to my Eve ritual of setting out a plate of warm snickerdoodles for Santa and a mug of hot, properly-whip-cremed cocoa. For myself. MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALL! I snapped some fireside and random holiday decor shots I'll probably post a day late, fair warning.

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