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Sweater: BarIII | Skirt: Nollie | Booties: All Saints

I've been saying this about every week for a month or so.. but I feel like it really is the last few days of sunlight and warmth. I say that, almost finally, because heaps of us Seattleites have caught the Sudden-Temperature-Drop-Common-Cold ..It's a thing.. *Cough, tea-sip/chug, cough* So I and my stubborn desire to bare legs are being punished for our wardrobe skankiness. My lining-less leather jacket (not shown, but used the latter half of the week) isn't holding up against the 40F nights. And after 70F warm summer nights, this is a dramatic deal. 

This favorite navy mesh sweater of mine by BarIII now needs an undershirt and my pleather PacSun miniskirt needs thigh highs.. Ugh, was good while it lasted. Needless to say, I spent most of the weekend under covers in ugly sweats, trying to do allele frequency equations properly. Intense math does not coax throbbing headaches and chronic-sniffles. At least I was in like company. Hot soup and Advil party, yaaa.

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