Monday, October 29, 2012



Tee: Lilu | Skirt: MinkPink | Tote: Romwe | Scarf (in bag): Nordstrom

MONDAY. Recouping from the insane PARTY that was Halloween Weekend. Made new friends and ate plenty of sweet things.. No real photos due to warehouse rave hushiness and the fact that I was too occupied dancing like noone was watching, while hypnotic things were being spun. Of course, when you're one of , like, five people dancing on stage with the DJ above a costumed, drunk, crowd of hundreds...everyone is watching. None of that matters, though, when the bass is loud and perfect and creeps along your bones. Drowned out the rain outside. The rain that finally washed away the burning man desert sand evidence on the car I ride around in. As well as washing away the practicality of wearing this white-tee/black-mini combo outside, sans my Lululemon anorak and $5 tights. Sad face. LAYERING up and drinking blackberry smoothie this Monday morning. Costume and adventures of your guys' nights? I'll wear my costume to school on Wednesday, no doubt...

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