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Easy Ways to Create a Versatile Style

If you have a lot of commitments that sometimes require a suit, sometimes casual wear, sometimes sports clothes, it can be hard to get the right look all the time.

There are simple tricks you can learn, however, to make all this a little bit easier. Accessories are an easy, versatile and inexpensive way to inject some style and personality into your image without having to worry about which items are suitable for each occasion. Wallets, bags, and hats, even umbrellas, are all great ways to do this.


Pick a Theme

For a sporty but classic British vibe, this means leather and canvas, rich colours, simple yet classic designs. Check out brands like Fred Perry at Very.co.uk for this style. Something more understated means you are less likely to go off what you have bought, and it should be versatile enough to accommodate the way your style and taste will evolve over time.

One way to do this is to pick a theme around which to orient your purchases. This way you will have a clear unifying reference for your style that can fit into any of your day-to-day activities. Or you can opt for a classic style, for example plain leather, which, if quality items are sought out, will stand the test of time for both durability and style.

What to Buy

For example, if you are a technology enthusiast there are plenty of stylish ways to transport and protect your essential gadgets. A well-made Italian leather case for your tablet computer and a matching wallet instantly give off vibes of class and sophistication. Other small touches, like a handkerchief, can complete an outfit with next to no effort at all.

Accessories need accessories too! Sunglasses kept in a good case can be casually slung into your bag without fear of scratching or breaking them. Investing in things such as this are worthwhile in the long run so make sure you choose a good quality pair as however many times you change your sunglasses this item could end up becoming an indispensable part of your travelling kit.

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