Blouse: Francesca's | Skirt: Nollie | Belt: Eileen Fisher 

SUNDAY. Just a quickie post of a summer favorite outfit that I need to somehow transcribe into the fall wardrobe. I've been ABSOLUTELY SHIVERING these past few days, even when the sun is out and about.. it is freezing. *No need to explain to me that cloudy days actually keep the air warmer, blah blah.. it is FALL weather OFFICIALLY* At the moment, I'm finishing some virtual lab work for my evolution class before trekking through the cold to work. Venti hot caramel mocha to keep me motivated and warm. Autumn drinks get me excited for season changes, at least. HALLOWEEN COSTUMES figured out yet, by the bye? Contemplating Fang from Final Fantasy XIII... just need an insulating blue cloth and to construct her warrior staff. 

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  1. i love your skirt, the belt part is really cute! and ohh this outfit would be perfect for fall with some fun tights and flats or boots!! and a scarf too :) fall is my favorite!


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