Monday, September 17, 2012


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In case anyone would like to know, I've been spending half of my weeks back in Seattle on a friend's couch and the other half back in my nana's small town (the one I complain about every summer..) And in case nobody cares.. this still is the case. Basically, bare with me as I readjust to the two-home traveling and correlated fluctuation of blog posts. Plus I should probably not be too lazy to blur out those car license numbers.. I spent my last weekend before school..("School" as in "one more bloody, biology minor requirement") in a few old basics: this dark grey TNA sweater from Aritzia, a Romwe soon-to-be-school-bag tote, A&F jeggings. My All Saints booties are a new basic, as aforementioned. And these aviator sunnies were nabbed at a gas station somewhere on the roadtrip back from Burning Man. But we never call sunglasses "staples" in Seattle.. So, it's back to normal-ish life for the moment. Starting with whatever homemade noms my nana just cooked up for dinner. Bittersweet when jail has good food. Le sigh.

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