Just ate at this wok joint and was peering at the paper mats on the dining table (Pretty delicious and cheap lo mein..) Anyhow, there was a grid of the Chinese Zodiac signs, and I was re-inspired to act according to my apparent innate traits-- with me being an attention-whoring horse and all.
Googling horse skulls and having a thick mane wasn't exactly what I read in my character info.. Oh, hello.. *scrolls down Chinese Astrology page* I'm a water horse: adaptable yet indecisive. The truth comes out in that I can never give an answer when someone asks, "Where do you prefer to eat?" Which was how I ended up at this wok joint in the first place.. Elementally, matches me being an Aquarius. But now, me and my full belly shall digest with hot tea and go to bed. Midnight, aquĆ­, and a morning run will be in order in about 8 hours. 

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