Friday, July 13, 2012


Dress: Zara | Boots: Nine West
These old Nine West boots are slouching and unseaming rapidly. Not that I'm whining about it; I love a good throw on shoe. But I feel more comfortable wearing the black leather with more frilly outfit pieces. Pulled on this sheer Zara basics dress before heading out to the drugstore for a dollop of necessities. Plastic bag ban in Seattle, btw. Tucking a reusable tote in my purse before grocery shopping should be muscle memory after four years of living in this green city... should be... These days, getting dressed is reminiscent of kindergarten: what is easy to put on, so I can go play? Only, replace these motorcycle boots with construction worker ones...

Hype on Lookbook // Chictopia

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  1. Looking fab with that printed look :)

  2. gorgeous top!

  3. Such a pretty dress! looks so flowy and comfy!


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