Half-on hoodie: friend's from some Brazilian brand | Pleather leggings: FXXI | Boots: Nine West | Fanny Pack: from some boutique in Tokyo

My fanny pack had --at some point during the Montréal-NYC trip-- transformed into a sling-over-the-arm bag. I don't think my hips were sturdy enough to carry the bottle of water I had to keep lugging around the hot/humid cities. So, yes, Central Park was a little gloomy when my friend and I sludged through it. On a tired, hungry hunt to the Alice sculpture, we snapped these shots along the strip of pretty trees.


And I realized that wearing a hoodie only half on does wonders for those muggy days when it's drizzling, while being unbearably hot.

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  1. Hah! Love the makeshift summer umbrella. Convenient :)


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