Midsummer night's dream.

If you're in the summer zones (like moi) post-it some of these tips from Very shoes for happy feet :3

Summer Shoes You Need In Your Wardrobe

Every girl needs to have a few pairs of summer shoes ready for when the
weather gets a little hot. Wear your winter boots on a sweltering summer day
and you’re going to know about it when you take them off at the end of the
day. With just a few pairs of light, hot weather shoes, you will look great, feel
comfortable, and still have options every morning.

Footwear doesn’t get more comfortable than this, although it can take a while
to get used to the sensation of having something between your toes. Again,
they are very affordable and come in all sorts of colours and styles. They’re
great to sling on when you’re relaxing for the day or when you’re on holiday
and heading down the beach. Putting shoes back on with sandy toes is never
fun but with flip-flops it really won’t matter.
Sandals are one step more formal than the flip flop but just as comfortable.
There are many different styles of sandal. You can get delicate, strappy
evening sandals or even wedge sandals for that little bit of extra height. This
year, you might want to go down the more traditional, folksy, bohemian sandal
route. They work really well with that other summer classic, the maxi dress
and because they are often neutral tones, no matter what bright colours you
are wearing, sandals will still complement the look.

.Canvas trainers.
Whether you go for the classic Converse or one of the hundreds of other
brands out there, you can’t really go wrong with these classic designs. They
are lightweight, flexible and affordable and they also come in lots of different
colours. Choose your favourite or buy a few pairs so you can mix or match.
Like the canvas trainer, these lightweight summer shoes are great for casual
wear. They work with jeans, skirts and dresses and you can wear them with or
without socks, although in summer we definitely recommend the latter. Pumps
are slip on shoes so sometimes lack a bit of detailing. You can make up for
this by choosing pumps with bows or patterned designs.
If you have all of these shoe types in your wardrobe then you have all your
summer bases covered, at home and when you go on holiday. Your feet will
be comfortable and stylish in all situations and you won’t have to spend any
time spraying deodorant into your winter boots to stop them stinking out the

I've been punishing these grey, wide-band sandals by wearing them 'til their soles started peeling. And then wearing them, somemore. Your summer shoe staples?

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