photo via Elin Kling
So I lost my Droid and might jump on the Iphone bandwagon. The only reason I opted for the former is because of its nifty keyboard. The point being, I cannot update you lot on my trip as easily as I'd thought. But my hotel has free computer access.. (and pool and gym, both of which I will utilize in about 30 minutes..). Blog browsing had me come upon Elin's post of a Styleby insight a few days ago, and the snapshot was a perfect representation of my guilty H&M buy that day. It was a dual-fabric, suede and cotton minimal mini dress, but on sale for an easy 10$. I liked the fit and the simplicity with a unique lick. But, it was another addition of black to my wardrobe. If it's any consolation, I snagged a sheer-silk creme blouse from some boutique, too..
P.S. Scifi nerds should get their arses to a Promethius viewing. Watched it last night with the family. Fun times.

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