they thought i was talking to myself.

But I was just silently counting the pieces of clothing left to shoot on the rack.


Helped style and dress for Dolce Vita's Holiday lookbook today. All day. At least free coffee and turkey paninis were involed. All I can show you is the wonderfully spacious warehouse room used, their stylist for the shoot (Kim of Mayzie Pop), and bits of my outfit. Dual-material leggings from FXXI (that store surprises me every once in a while...), sheer dress belted from Naked Zebra, old grunge boots from some second hand shop, and my leather bracelet I love but from I can't remember where... What I do know is that I am totally about to add a DV piece to my closet. A long day on my feet made a nap sound appealing. Then I remembered: it's FRIDAY!

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