Monday, April 2, 2012



Drugstore run with a Johnny Rocket's banana shake in my clutch. Comfy grandfather's sweater and beat up motorcycle boots. On another note, overloading classes this quarter and my school's administration department decided to lose some important credits of mine, then conveniently find them when I continued to harrass. Basically, not being officially registered for classes I'm showing up to is unnerving my professors. Handling things with care. Week two of the new quarter and I've already makeup work. Thanks, Admin.

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  1. I love your hair - I can never seem to master the bedhead look without looking like a haystack, but you've got the Kate Moss factor down perfectly. Love your cardi and what I can see of the boots too!

  2. thanks for the comment and follow babe, so glad you did because I love your blog too!

    I love your outfit, so comfy, I love wearing my boots, they pretty much go with anything.

    following you now too and adding ya to my reads list :)


  3. Your hair looks amazing! Really professional blog, adore it! xx


  4. Hey Jessie!

    Thanks for the love! Took a look at your cravings list and that VPL bra is an absolute dream. Hope you get it some day. ;) Lovely site, dear. Will be back for more.

    Luna from the Red Pants -


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