RUNWAY | Nº 7.

PhotobucketAfter deciding VPL's structured and sexy bras were a wardrobe staple, I looked up the line's Spring/Summer 2012 collection for further satisfaction. The clothing pieces display an imagination I have yet to see in RTW showcases. I think quasi-Jedi a la John Mollo, mainly.  Save the monster-alien shoulder pads (which I find extremely awesome, for purely aesthetic reasons), everything has the type of wearable pieces that call for attention without being dubbed attention-seeking. My cup of tea, precisely.
Runway talk is seriously exciting me, in light of my university's annual fashion show preparations. But meetings and photo shoots were put off a week, due to a mini snow storm rarely seen in these parts. Instead, friends and I sled down steep, closed-off streets with heaps of liquor, trash can lids, and friendly Seattlites. Of course. Now that campus has reopened this Saturday, off to the gym.
Banana and vanilla latte smoothie waiting for me, post workout.

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  1. Nice looks!


  2. super outfits :)


  3. Hey! Just discovered your blog. Love the cut & drape of these designs! Would love you to check out my blog & if you love please follow, I'll be happy to follow back xoxo


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