It's the first workweek of December, and all this fussing over final exams has coaxed me to whip up my ChristmasWishList2011.

I really do want to minimize my wardrobe and items to things I'll use often for/throughout the new year. (Though I am truly indecisive over a new boot ... I know I crave a black, soft-leather, wedge to avoid the *click-clack-here-I-come* noise my current daily boots give). I'm also a bit bitter that I'm still in a dorm setting and can't realistically pine after some nifty, pretty house things....
It's currently 4am, and I'm nomming on some steamed spinach, egg drops, and cooked fusilli and a cold Dr. Pepper, like a naughty, late-night muncher. My research paper beckons, so
I'll just leave this here for Santa:
Thakoon Addition | Volume T-Shirt | Size M | $175.00 :: Find here.

James Perse | Basic Stretch-jersey Leggings | Size 2 | $68 :: Find here.

Hudsalve / Hudsalva | Lipbalm | $12.00 :: Find here.

Bvlgari | Save the Children Ring | Size 54 | $370.00 (75$ of which goes to donation. Ends Dece.31.2011) :: Find here.

E.C.O. Yoga Mat | Black Vapor | $48.00 :: Find here.

Messeca | 'Carla' Bootie | Size 7.5 | Black | $94.90 :: Find here.

Vince Camuto | 'Abril' Boot | Size 7 | Black | $139.90 :: Find here.

Writing for the Fashion Business | Used/Paperback
| About $50 :: Find here.

† Restoration Hardware | Faux Fur Blanket | Lynx | $79.00 :: Find here.

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  1. Those tall wedge boots are rad ♥ Hope you get!

  2. I LOVE your choice of the boots as well!!! I want that boots myself! Thanks for visiting me and left comment. :)


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