Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Sweater: Vince via Nordstrom (Thanks, Shanna!) | Pumps: ELLE via Kohl's

Happy Hump Day,
I can't stress how insanely comfortable this ensemble is. The Vince yak knit is so snuggle-worthy and chic, that I will be wearing this piece to death, both in the apartment and out on the streets. Meanwhile, I was prancing around the room in my new nude pumps to break them in. My sole sits so nicely in them that, in combination with my new favorite sweater, I just had to do my biology studying in them. 
You've got to discover satiation in the little things. For me it was my hot green brewed in my over-sized Starbuck's mug, a Dawkins read on my nightstand (The Selfish Gene, anyone?), blog photos to edit post-study-session, my rock playlist on loud, and my lacy black boy shorts.
Pretentiousness, done.

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  1. that sweater looks soooooooo cozy!

  2. my gosh your blog is divine, can't believe i've only JUST stumbled upon it ! x

  3. Try reading something for you to be able to sleep. That's what I'm doing every time I can't sleep.

  4. This is going to sound like an odd compliment, but I genuinely love the colour palette of your blog! And such beautiful photography.


  5. sweaters are here to stay. and you're a smart girl putting those pumps together.

    Cosy and stylish!!! What every woman looks for.

    I'll follow you from now on

  6. you are so gorgeaus! you remaind me to rumi (fashion toast)
    sorry my english is so badd!
    thanks for ur coment! i follow u :)+xx

  7. thanks honey! Prueba!!! So nice!

  8. This is both the sexiest and most comfy studying ensemble I've ever seen! That jumper looks amazing, I want to crawl into it right now :) And I love those pumps.
    - C x

  9. love the sweater girl, and sweet gifs. im right off to follow you. you have such a nice blog


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