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Scarlet startles and burgundy plays quietly. Red bottoms--cropped or floor-sweeping--give an ensemble a seductive accent. A color of passion and power [1], red as bottom-wear allows one to walk the streets boldly and deservedly so. My suggested, general pairings are neutral hues and friendly fabrics, such as a classic T-shirt (a la Rumi Neeley). I'm not the bravest, when it comes to dressing up. So I would definitely need my comfort-zone pieces.
Any other suggestions, have you?

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  1. I dig the slowchy red trousers. Hot

    PvdH -designer and illustrator


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  3. yesss i bought a pair of red jeans/pants the other day and have been even more in love with this concept

  4. I love this post with a passion. Red is my absolute most favorite accent color anywhere on any outfit. It brings that spark from the tiniest of pieces like a red, skinny belt or that sex appeal from plump, red, juicy lips. Red bottoms, though, are on the next level of innovation. Neutrals are a great go-to, and I'd wear them together, no doubt! But I love pairing bright with bright for a bold, almost dated look. I have a favorite pair of red shorts that I need to wear asap with a solid yellow short-sleeve blouse. The red shorts are striped, which adds just enough pattern to keep from going color overboard. I LOVE this post. So inspiring! I'll definitely link back if I make a post of this outfit I described. LOL. Whenever that may be!


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