FEATURE | Nº 12.

A couple weeks ago, on June 8th, a group of San Fransisco-based web design students launched a beta version of a sartorial shopping website called Obvilux (Obvious + Luxuries).  
Now, you're lying if you deny saving links/bookmarking items to amazing clothing you find online for yourself or to share with friends. The launch of ObviLux means the birth of a social shopping community that makes it easy to find and share clothes and products with your friends. The site identifies individuals that are loyal to certain brands and titles them 'store ambassadors', in hopes to get them merchandise and gift cards from the brands themselves.  
An Obvilux user and beauty/makeup blogger of Make a Spectacle of Yourself comments at the ease and customization features, when she marvels, "I like that we can type in descriptions for each picture. There, I like to leave tips on how to (or sometimes how not to) use beauty products." I think it'd also be good to write descriptions on how to style certain looks. 
 So whether you’re an avid online shopper or just a browser of fine clothing and beauty products, bookmark Obvilux--now in its alpha stage--for shopping chicly and efficiently.


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  1. i was invited to join obvilux but didn´t pay a lot of attention, now i will!

    LOVE your previous post!!


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