Sunday, July 17, 2011


CHANEL in Django. Sally Hanson in Nude Now.

2 coats of Hanson, topped with 1 of CHANEL and my simple hands are set. The nude colors lighten up both my dark wardrobe and the dark summer skies.... Rain has settled in for the rest of July (according to the weatherman [curse him]), so my Chooka rainboots are getting their share of exposure. 

In other news, I've set up my Obvilux page: Jesssanity
Get settled with yours :) It is seriously insanely convenient. Warning: pages that use flash vs images (i.e. Barneys New York) won't be read by the Lux It button, but if you grab the name of the clothing and input it into Google/Bing, a Polyvore version should come up. I've done that with both my The Row items. 

If you're blessed with sunny skies, make me envious.
Happy Monday


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  1. i love this blog! is amazing! follow you! :)
    great photos!

    xoxo ^^

    •click• caravinvonvan blog ♥

  2. thanks!! Lovely blog <3

  3. so in love with that nude- thanks for the comment! if you'd like i would love to post one of your outfit posts. love your style


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