Thursday, July 28, 2011


 Inspiration : Alex Spencer of 4th & bleeker. Image Selection: Fuji Files

I might as well declare my loyalty now: I'm a personal worshipper of all things sparkly and dark. It might have very well started during my stylistically goth period in the 8th grade. Keyword: stylistic. I was social, busy with A-honor role work and extracurriculars like ballet, I was happy, with the appropriate spells of pre- and teen angst. Nonetheless, I had thought at the time the crystaled black cross hanging from a black satin choker paired well with my baptist school uniform, the skirt hem always two inches too short. 
From my last year in junior high to my last of highschool, from the protestant prep school to the catholic all girls, my goth stage had sophisticated only the slightest. Black tanks, tight jeans, scuffed converse, and french manicures were my staples. (But i was never the kind to wear flats to formals in a protest against heels [I love a sexy stilleto]!) It was then that the first black-gemmed, glittered skull won me over in a boutique in the Shibuya square of Tokyo, in the form of a ring. I left ¥3000 the poorer and 100x the happier. 

Now, in my final year of university, I'm glad to side with the ever gorgeous ever stylish Heidi Klum (InStyle April 2011): "I love ... Damien Hirst skulls. I just bought one of his ... etchings."
So when Spencer ^ in all her quality, edgy clothing is compiled in a post that Fuji Files put up, I cannot contain myself from creating a Current Cravings

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  1. i wouldn't describe my style as anywhere near goth but i love dark colors & shiny/sparkly too! esp. when the weather sucks, which is like 95% of the time here lmao

  2. you've struck a cord.. dark and sparkly are some keywords that always make me perk up

  3. Love the post! I neeeed that black sweater.

    xo Cristina

  4. Love the post! I neeeed that black sweater.

    xo Cristina


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