Thursday, June 2, 2011



Images | Stockholm Streetstyle. Tumblr.

Haven't had more than a spot of rest since finals prep week began. I've been hustling around town and campus all this week and last, doing errands, most regularly with a slim latte or drip in hand as motivation for getting things done. Cheque books are balanced and final papers and presentations are underway.

I need to be dressed in the comfiest of basics. VOGUE's Daily fix a couple weeks ago informed me of an upcoming eco-conscious, uber comfy line of basics. The name? With & Wessel. Love the way it rolls off the tongue.

Images | With&Wessel Lookbook F11

Now if I could only articulate my Anthro and Politics papers as marvelously as these well-draped basics look to feel....

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  1. thank you so much!! and they just happen to be located an hour away from me- even better!

    i'm going to have to check out w&w, the sweater on the bottom right caught my eye

  2. Love those W&W basics ♥
    Hope you get some rest soon though bb!

  3. Hot looks!


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