Saturday, May 28, 2011


1. Newbark canvas $210.
 2. N.D.C. leather brogues $450.
 3. Belle Sigerson Morrison suede $195.
4. Gucci suede horsebit moccasins $385.
5. Alexander Wang oxford loafers $225. 
6. Ralph Lauren leather brogues $595. I've wanted a pair of shoes similar to these since I was three years old. 

I intended to pull some of my favorite oxford flats together, but fell in love with some non-oxford flats as well. Especially these sisterly brogues as seen in N.D.C. and Ralph Lauren.  Opinions? Spring is here and my boots need a break.

Happy Friday!

Te Amo,

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  1. These are actually all really cute!

  2. Love the A. Wang loafers the most. Die hard about anything A. Wang really.. Also, im such a sucker for black. Maybe my opinion isn't that valid then.. haha

    xo Chelsey

  3. 1." slippers" for the house with mui mui printed socks
    2. smart shoes for class
    3. *ANYtime*
    4. study time at the library with an iced hazelnut latte'
    5. lookin HOT at that concert (DIY studded of course.. too many possibilities on that blank canvas!) perfectly flat so you can dance your butt off..!
    and, 6. sunday morning mass

    excited for the SAM =)

  4. u have a great blog! loving all these shoe choices!


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