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With spring break swiftly approaching, the antsy-ness surrounding plans with friends can only inflate. So, if your travel itinerary involves an airport and a boarding pass, then you miiight want to read a tid further to make sure your traveling outfit is both comfortable and tasteful.
“I will not be that girl in the stiff denim skinnies, 6-inch lace-up stilettos boots, and a billion silver bangles, digging for her passport at the base of her deep tote and seriously holding up the security line.”
Understand that you will have to fuss with your boarding documents, pass through metal detectors (barefoot), and then continue on an often untoward trek to your gate with your carry-on.
Ergo, think comfortable.
At the same time, traveling means you will be seen by a great number of people. Rushing to the airport for your 7 a.m. flight requires more complexity than rolling out of bed in your sweats and heading to the baggage check line. It means you have to think about where and when you will be arriving. Blogger Dead Fleurette--a sharp observer of all things utility, simple, and stylish--pulled up a Cosmopolitan article from the Fall of 1982 by Ellen Wallace. During a trip Wallace took to France, she notes the embarrassment of a shoddy travel getup.
“I was wearing an overloaded backpack and a wrinkled black dress, which I had slept in on the train. My mascara was mostly on my cheeks. I wanted desperately to be inconspicuous, but there they were, all those terrible suave-looking Frenchmen I had heard about, staring right at me. I wanted to melt into the sidewalk!” (Wallace 1982)
Makeup touch-up? Check. Wrinkly attire? If ironing is a hassle, don wash-and-wear clothing
Three things a wise girl should consider when choosing an outfit, pre-flight: feasibility, fashion, and familiarity.
FEASIBLE | Keep in mind that in a high-traffic, international hub, such as an airport, you want to have your important documents and money on you. You want the items you will need often to be easily accessible, which will enable you to flow through the busy lines like a pro. Don’t laugh when I suggest that a bum bag (also commonly christened “fanny pack”) is a handy tool to strap on for this very job. Your passport, boarding ticket, cash, are all tucked neatly and conveniently with you. Burberry Prorsum’s Spring/Summer bum bags from 2008 are a splurge for the heavy, chic traveler. Le Sportsac offers a variety of parachute nylon material designs which allow for folding away into your carry-on when done. Backpacks (Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack), weekend bags, and shallow totes like this nifty Tory Burch number make perfectly fashionable carry-ons for those extra undergarments, reading material, and your iTouch.
FASHIONABLE | Unless you were raised in a fashion mecca, your feet will most likely prefer flats or slight lifts, with good inner padding. However, what is more important, heeled or not, is that your wear footwear can be easily taken off. These Italian suede flats with a padded instep from J.Crew promise for comfort while getting around the airport (but, remember to bring warm socks for once you are in-flight). If you’re the kind not to be caught dead in flats, aim for a sturdy wedge or wooden-heeled boot such as these Calvin Klein Giselle wooden-heel leather ankle boots.
FAMILIAR | Finally, what better way to submerge yourself in a giant “strangerfest” than with your favorite comfy (and stylish) sweater. Chunky knit or cotton pieces look effortless with their cuffs rolled up a few notches or pulled tight over your palms. And since it tends to get cold in airports, overly warm when boarding the plane, and again freezing when flying at tens of thousands of feet in the air, you’ll want to wear stylish & good quality layers. Another precaution to the stylish traveler: turbulence has a tendency of hitting with little notice, so opt for dark denims or dark leggings just in case your iced ginger ale with the lime takes a tumble.
The three Fs of flying well and stylishly will take you far.
Quite literally.

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