Saturday, November 13, 2010



zara. denim: acne. bag: sushi. tank: alexander wang. ipad.

The colder the weather becomes, the more I deliberate about what the appropriate wardrobe should be. I'm going to take, for instance, some nearly knee-grazing black chunk heeled boots and some well-fitted deathly skinny jeans. I usually add some knitted thigh-high socks, one of Wang's tanks
(or an equally comfy one) under a long-sleeved shrug, and tote around a large bag (small bags look swallowed up by and silly next to heavy coats) to formulate a practical, but fashion-conscious late fall wardrobe. As for the Ipad? If you're busy this holiday season, detail-oriented, and touch-screen savvy enough...why the chic not?

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